5 questions to ask when developing a new product #entrepreneur # software # development

Thoughts from Adeptus: Its true that a lot of work that goes into a successful software product is actually the bare hands that build it and that at the very beginning, dreamt it up. Its often noted that many software products that succeed in building a viable market leadership start out as just a POC or a free trial or a subsidized and cost efficient solution for initial users, etc. In the present time business thinking is about getting a buyer first with a MVP and then build the product from almost the ground up specifically engineered for those buyers.

In the above synopsis though, there is a whole team of just quarterbacks who are constantly working with keeping the ball in hand and passing it for a definite touch down. That team is your software development guys. There is a lot of work that goes into building a product that will continuously feed the business guys and the customer development folks who are sweating it out and pitching really hard out there. This work is done by your software development teams.

When you first had the idea:

  • Did you give a lot of thought to future proofing your technology stack?
  • Did you think about having the most effective performance metrics written down and adhered to as the product usage grew?
  • Did you wonder about the best possible way for a prospective customer to start using your product with minimal hassles towards signing up or actually using it without worrying about anything on a scalable, secure and robust cloud server?
  • Did you evaluate all options while choosing technology stacks in terms of ease of coding, maintainability, support, scalability, IP, etc?
  • Did you think of going digital/mobile first?

May be you did think of it all or maybe you had an important team member do it. Regardless of who, the “what” and “how” are most important. The experience that comes with having worked for a number of such launches does tell us a thing or two about what to go for in product development scenarios. Keep watching this space as we try to put together interesting and useful info together for you to refer too.

Also please do share your comments and make this space really “happen”

Have fun in your business and as the Jedi Master said “May the Force be with you”

Adeptus Technology Consulting


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