3 things Startups and Entrepreneurs should be able to talk to the tech community about

Many startup founders work themselves towards creating the software platform their business is based on.

You soon realize that

  • that what you have developed needs to be handed over to a team as your business grows and gets funding to expand.
  • that documentations, comments, APIs, scalability, extensibility and UI/UX might not have been the drivers while getting the product off the ground.

It is at such time that you as an entrepreneur want to get a view of what is needed to enable the growth, adoption, scale, integration, and appeal of your product.

When you start to think of a product road map situation that needs to be resolved, when you are ready to spend that time looking for a solution, why is it so difficult to find value for your time when there are a plethora of services companies out there waiting on you.

No it should not be difficult and there is a method to deriving that benefit. Start with connecting with “thinkers”.

It should be about gaining from the discussions that ensue. It has got to be a discussion to reach out and bring in ideas.

The only valuable interaction is to have a freeflow discussion about:

1. Technology in general on how you see the implementation for your product

2. Technology implementation on scenarios that have been on your mind in terms of future growth, user experience, ease and simplicity etc.

3. Likely problems and likely solution scenarios in terms of changing technology landscape for the Holy trio of Mobile, Cloud and Analytics. These are going to affect any business sooner than they think

Yes there is no commitment from either party but this interaction can build a long term trust based relationship. We are a consulting startup and just like a product startup, customer acquisition is topmost in our wishlist too.

Just like a product startup, a services business has the same need for validation, proving the team’s worth and then to showcase capability to meet and hopefully exceed expectations. The only difference is that we actually live and breathe technology in scenarios that are even more complicated and demanding than a specialist developers job profile. An important reason is because we have to work with moving targets with sometimes completely different set of requirements. We enjoy the challenge. We also like to talk a lot.



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