6 reasons professionals should connect to build a real Business Network #startup #entrepreneur #business #network

6 reasons professionals should connect to build a real Business Network

In numerous discussions with friends in the business community, I find that we feel increasingly lonelier while getting on more and more social platforms. So much of today’s business networking platforms are more and more becoming silos. Somehow, being in those networks for so many years, I feel like one is just helping oneself get an identity. Its not creating connections in a networked manner that would facilitate business. It is more a database with some connection “stuff” but its not truly engaging users amongst themselves.
There should be no commitment to discuss a business requirement, the network should be a rich source of such interactions.
While talking to a startup or a young entrepreneur, one might realize that there is a unique need for scaling the platform, there should be someone in your network for that. While talking to a enterprise, I might realize there is a need for a specialist Peoplesoft implementation and I should be able to recommend a network member for that.
For that matter, the network should be run by the network to facilitate an ecosystem of unified productivity. A new business needn’t hunt for anything; the network could be where they need to make a connection and options would be available via recommendations, trust and pure wish to make a business happen.
I have been thinking about this for a while now and thought of putting this down to share. Probably its my insane need to verify if there “is” such a thing as a collaborative networked business place. 
Professionals should connect for:
  1. Bring Down the costs of finding solution enablers and building a business
  2. Access to minds and resources
  3. Enabling “trust” for new engagement by making the network work for them
  4. Encourage “skin in the game” by investing faith and confidence, money will follow
  5. Have various specialists complement each other
  6. Increase effectiveness overall
These might seem like random thoughts but networking would go a long way if we just recognized the value each of our network partners brings to the table. We could all work together to bring the costs of building a business down by adding that special flavor of “Lets Help Each Other Grow”.
Thoughts anyone??? If this sounds like a product idea, go ahead and create it, I will be your first user. I will even help develop it in a manner that will be a fresh experience for any startup and entrepreneur.

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