5 questions startups ask us most often as their technology consultant

Over the past month of our operation at Adeptus, we have been approached by an overwhelming number of startups from all over the world. To lend credence to our founding belief, all discussions did tend towards the future of the product that the startups are heralding into. Yes, we are in the right place at the right time as we see markets explode as well as implode. All the innovative disruption in business models, technology enabled market places, user oriented product development and the excitement of customers lapping it all up, makes us realize the various ways Adeptus sits at the cross roads of all this activity, be it cloud or mobile or analytics focused businesses. 


The ideas that the startups’ founders developed into a product are a great reflection on the brilliance of what today’s technology enables so quickly at such rapid development plans. The open source frameworks work well within the bounds of a MVP and provide users the experience of disruptive change in a market. We discussed some really exciting products and continue to see the innovation almost on an everyday basis. 


All the discussions, around 15 minutes in, brought forth some serious questions from these entrepreneurs:


1. Can you help us with a product development road map? How can some serious development effort be put “now”? 


2. Can you advise on how we go about our development plans as they emerge,  change and our product/market plans adapt? 


3. Can you advise on scalability? Our platform currently can handle X users over a Y parameter, which is going to change quickly as we expand and release the product to more users. 


4. We have a large investor on board and they want to see the architecture in a manner that would work as we commercialize. Can you help? 


5. Can you validate and recommend on our current technology strategy? We see issues arising soon from interface, security, integration, code refactoring, performance, standards compliance etc. 


You tell us if these are questions, as a startup, you face too? 


Add to this list so the community can benefit. This helps discussions and solution definition. 


And, if a discussion would help, connect with us on Twitter @Adeptus_Tech or on email connect@adeptus.in


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