6 points to remember while building a customer oriented business – my experiences

Well I am an entrepreneur now and building a business with just one focus – CUSTOMER DELIGHT. I will really do anything to make sure that the customer feels great about working with us.

Over 18 years servicing accounts and businesses taught me a couple of things. I am not sharing any wise words just throwing it out there for you to think about it:
  1. No business survives without a genuine care for what matters to the customer. Also please be honest and truthful.
  2. Smile for real, be cheerful even in adverse conditions. it spreads like an infection that is actually good for everyone
  3. Fight for the customer, even if it means lots of bad days at work. It pays to be the watch guard for the customers’ interests
  4. Be the first to accept a mistake and have the customer help you solve the problem. I had many customers but a lot of them only had me as a vendor. They are invested more in the engagement than you think.
  5. Propose mind blowing ideas (business or technology or personal). It keeps the engagement alive and growing. 
  6. Money discussions are not tough, just say your concern with a real reason and both parties usually agree to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

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