Software Products, Innovation and Software Services – A useful mutually fulfilling alliance

All of my customers are Computer Software based businesses (read YOU throughout this post). That essentially means that I work with developers a lot. You are smart people – inventors, path breakers, process innovators, bright minds that are trying or have already solved business problems through the use of extremely useful software algorithm that only you could have dreamt of building solutions on. I read Ayn Rand and felt the surge too to be the best at what we do and be the movement – become the protagonist in this technology innovation based social upheaval and upliftment.

Yet, new technologies pose inevitable change, unlearning & relearning are constant challenges and new market opportunities remain exciting. When I shop and bank online or use a smartphone or access my files on the ubiquitous cloud – I see that small bit that folks like me helped you build.
In our conversations while doing business with you and because my business is based in India, we often get asked:
  • Do we have engineers who can code in X, Y or Z technologies
  • Can we help understand what you need to do churn this code faster and better, cost effective yet high quality,
  • Do I have performance expertise to make sure your software won’t go down when millions of holiday shoppers go online on your platform and servers that run them
  • How can we help your legacy system get on to the Cloud
  • Can we confirm if a certain derivative of existing technology A with pre-set elements will be a better option to use instead of straight programming in A, even if it is laborious and hard work
  • Can we help you take your ideas on Analytics to be a grand product
  • There are so many services companies, why should you work with us (Of course you want to work with someone, just not sure if its we you should be working with)
  • And so many more…. YOU, the reader, knows many more problem statements better
My answer usually is Yes, Yes, and… Yes. Not because I have a number of engineers and not because I am from the industry that “bangalored” the product development aspect of your business. Its because, I know the business of problem solving and have the means as well as the resources to think as well as act on your problems. Also because we have been doing  for over 18 years – We have learnt, We have evolved, We have made the learning and evolution a process so we’re ready as and when you are.
You are the one innovating here, so you are going to worry about monetizing the opportunity, creating barriers to entry, staying ahead of competition, wooing users through incredibly useful features and staying afloat by attracting investors. And amidst doing all this, you did the ground work to create the initial software…. commendable…Now can we pitch in and help you with your biggest challenge – TIME and then with that other concern – COST; since that would make your product reach more users quickly and affordably.
We try to match expectations; provide employment to engineers and in turn help the economy by raising buying power; innovate processes and business models to be competent, sharp, dependable & to deliver faster; learn technologies so we can advise alternatives as well as consult on best practices; take your product to dimensions that you envision and then make it even better; use the best ways to satisfy the performance, scale, usability and maintenance aspects of your product.
Sounds like a lot right? It is…believe me. National economies are being driven by these actions and we (you and us) can only get better. We (you and us) know this for a fact.
So, the next time you have a question, ask me – I am the software service guy and I am good at what I do BUT please keep innovating coz’ I am one too. Also I am a consumer.

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