Learning Content Publishers: 3 Scenarios that the right software technology partner helps with

Learning and Education, independent Assessments, Talent Management, eLearning Content Producers, Training and Coaching companies are all upping the ante with digital transformation of their business models. This is to the benefit of the learners in the context of Higher Education as well as Corporate Learning & Development (L&D).

The problems you face are not about the model itself or how to make it work – the digital realm of the business has proven merit and will exceedingly enrich the ecosystem to serve the businesses and customers well.

To implement this business strategy though the challenge is in the inherent need to formulate and implement a viable technology strategy (software design, architecture, solution approach and development/implementation).

The 3 scenarios in the process of digitization that need addressing are:

  • Access to right advise on devising technology strategy and use of software technology: Understanding the what & how of digital transformation at a granular level
  • Understanding what “more is needed” over existing commercially (or open source) available solutions. And the option to custom develop parts of the solution.
  • Practical vision of “Implementation” while accommodating expectations on security, ease-of-use, scalability, future-proofing and maintenance
  • Knowledge of integrating various software systems to get the right information/data to and from amongst these
  • Standards compliance
  • Knowledge of Cloud technologies for the various business benefits of cloud
  1. USER SCENARIOS: Learners, students, trainers, authors, teachers, administrators
  • Understanding the role devices play towards content consumption (Mobile phones, Tablets, PCs and other hand held devices)
  • Providing the trainers/teachers with the right tools and controls to effectively use the digitized content systems
  • Collaboration and social aspects. Interaction within users.
  • The ability to annotate, comment, highlight and interact with the content
  1. PLATFORM: Features, development, evaluation, deployment and future road map
  • Platforms and the understanding of the best fit from the perspective of administration, implementation, content conversion/repurposing, user access, and more nuances of the business
  • eCommerce options, opportunities and standard practices while enabling features associated with those
  • Analytics and reporting to better ascertain learner activity, course effectiveness
  • Gamification and interactivity aspects of the content as well as the platform that enables learners to take advantage of these

An experienced software technology partner, that has expertise with the learning domain, can help navigate and simplify digital transformation of your business. That partner can listen, advise, consult, course-correct and develop solutions. The partner continues to support your business vision by recommending future steps, identifying opportunities that technology advancement brings, keeping platforms current and satisfying expectations for all stake holders.

Adeptus offers eLearning, training, learning, publishing and Talent Management focused software expertise to address the challenges that software technology can address and resolve. With over 15 years of eLearning technology and standards related experience, our teams are one of the very few specialists that help Enterprises, Learning Content companies, Training and Coaching services companies, publishing houses and ISVs in implementing their software strategy and business vision.





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