Business Value: The “One Thing” clients appreciate us for

If there is one moment of revelation in our business, as a software technology consulting company, it is when clients thank us for the good work we did for them and for their customers. We have been told things like “Where were you all our lives” and “Our customer is building a statue of your lead architect to recognize his contribution to their success” and “You are probably the smartest people we know of”.

These accolades sound fabulous and we, at Adeptus, often wonder if it was really that big a deal. Well modesty aside, we know that there was a problem and a trained eye/mind could see it in its severest form to be able to provide the right solutions.

More often than not, we get called in when things are sliding and we understand that, since by very nature of consulting we are preordained to identify problems when our clients’ business is challenged – like, very lightly put, a SWAT team. That the challenge is from a software technology standpoint makes it even more poignant.

Our teams work with long term complex software solution design and specifications definition once clients tell us the business problem or opportunity they are targeting. It is hugely satisfying work and gives our teams the canvas to really make a difference as well as build long term relationships with client side folks.

Sometimes we also get to use our engineering brains to solve real time issues. A good case to showcase is when a company called upon us to guide them in an enterprise mobility project that another vendor (a 500 people company) was developing. After 2 hours of talking to the client and the vendor and listening to how complex the infrastructure was to implement this avant-garde solution, we told them the issue was rather trivial – a security certificate. Yes thats all there was to it. Of course we didn’t charge any money for it – it would have brought forth this fundamental flaw in the vendor’s capability in a very severe manner.

We believe that all software teams whether internal or services companies, along with their well meaning engineers, set out to create the best functioning work product (an application or feature or app, or whatever one chooses to call it) at a price point that matches their individual business hunger, skill and resource availability at that time. And there is the dichotomy between software and its intended use. The software was developed well and it was the best that could have been delivered as per client expectations. But, and this is a big BUT, they all suffer from a myopic and closed view of their clients’ business (usually asking for a ready requirement specification).

When we get called on to correct a wayward project, it is mostly for issues relating to future use, interoperability, user experience, business alignment, and core functionality of the software. On the other end, we also get called to understand the requirement and provide a architecture and design consulting service to define what the software developers should be developing. The latter is a great scenario because we are able to study the company, its business, the stakeholders, current software & hardware infrastructure, existing teams’ strengths and much more. This enables us to propose a solution that suits the clients best in the long term as well as in terms of its maintainability. Of course the former case also involves the same but we are playing catchup most of the time. The resulting product works just as well but the client has had to suffer a few sleepless nights before we jump in.

Our effort is to help enterprises, startups and services vendors understand the close proximity of a business, its vision, its people, its real needs AND the software solution that would function to fulfill their combined aspiration. It can be any technology stack, what matters is the clarity of evaluating and proposing a solution thats technologically superior, easier to use, simpler to implement and highly effective towards its intended business application. THAT IS REAL VALUE.


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