How Training Co.s benefit tremendously with Software Experts who understand eLearning

There is something exciting (read crazy) afoot when an eLearning company needs to deliver and work like a software expert. A team of outside consultants is the only viable solution to be able to focus on core competencies.

I’m talking of companies that provide eLearning or advertising or media or training or recruitment, etc. services to enterprises – effectively all services that needs a certain software component and are provided by external agencies specializing in the required value. Enterprise customers are a challenging lot. I say that not because they are difficult but because they have structured methods and constraints to deal with themselves. And then there are the productivity & ROI based expectations from the leadership that allowed the budget.

When, for example, an eLearning or media company needs to deliver a learning experience or a marketing program that should work in the mobile as well as PC world seamlessly – it’s easier said then done. There are a number of things that need consideration:

– The existing software and access security ecosystem
– The way users are going to access the proposed learning or system
– Need to work with user groups and drafting specifications
– Industry specific standards compliance vs. the acquired system’s at the enterprise
– Ability to understand and leverage enterprise systems like LMS, ERP, CMS, etc.
…..and so much more

It can be daunting to know that what is to be delivered is a narrow slice in the gargantuan maze of multiple enterprise systems, owners, restricted data exchange opportunities, strict IT policies. Yet the desired value is unquestionable from the buyer perspective.

For the service provider company, it boils down to having a team at pre-sales, proposal, delivering specifications and implementation stages that knows:

– Software architecture
– Complex systems’ design
– Business Analysis
– Enterprise Application Integration
– User story and wireframe generation
– All major as well as upcoming technologies, methodologies and frameworks
…and so much more

This is not an undertaking that all services providers (irrespective of how large their team is) are geared for.

There is a need for outside experts to come in and extend the internal teams with additional skills (sorta plug the gap). There are a number of issues that consultants can provide benefits towards:

– Prior experience with similar scenarios and thus enable quicker resolution
– Understanding of how enterprise departments and software systems work internally and leverage that for ease of working with those
– Technologies, Industry and domain expertise to be able to lead teams from enterprise as well as service provider
– Effective and expert time bound inclusion, thus cost effective with high quality results
– Ability to provide exact skills and expected leadership

The reader would acknowledge the veracity of this post since I say this with experience being a Co-founder at Adeptus. There is a lot more to dig further into making a consulting engagement successful and I will write more in further blogs – this is a start.


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