Solving Enterprise Learning Challenges with Software Expertise

Learning is a difficult proposition, even more so in an enterprise. As an L&D professional and/or an eLearning company, you provide the best possible combination of instructional design, storyboarding, visual design, and such – but sometimes the solution lies in access to software skills. There are a lot of variables along with advancing use of technology.

For instance, Learning and Development (L&D) at a Fortune company would have legacy systems that are custom developed as well as acquired off-the-shelf. Buying new eLearning content or software system (Custom/bespoke or off the shelf) is going to add a new dimension to the existing issues:

  • Interoperability of systems and the need to modernize with current trends like cloud, mobile, social, gamification
  • Learner progress and recording on an LMS or on a custom system that measures learning effectiveness
  • Learner access to devices such as Smartphone, Tablets, PCs at work as well as home, different browsers, etc.
  • Need for analytics to show and track learner progress vis-a-vis course effectiveness
  • Standards compliance for courses and/or the enterprise system
  • Need to show faster results and effective learner engagement
  • Using new technology to build even newer features
There are so many of these and I am sure you would find a statement that resonates with your experience.

There is a need to create the right user story, wireframes, prototypes, requirement understanding documentation, converting business needs to realistic technical specifications and more….

A software architect and a business analyst, that understand the Learning ecosystem, help with understanding the business needs, capturing user expectations, creating a working document, becoming the bridge between L&D and IT, fulfilling the role of a software expert (although temporarily) along with roles that previously were not fulfilled.

You must try the comfort of having a team of software experts that work for your goals and within your constraints. It could be the difference between a perceived success and a great resounding one.

Our experience at Adeptus as a software consulting company that has interest in the Learning domain – these are severe challenges that often are overlooked as the “other party’s” concern when the solution was to just reach out to software experts within the organization or to the ones that could become internal to your organization for the required duration.


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