A business must talk about “WHY” they exist and do what they do

Seldom do we come to hear about the “WHY” because its so intriguing and multifaceted. A “WHY” could be the reason:

  • A company exists from a Founder’s perspective
  • Clients enjoy working with that company
  • Suppliers feel obligated to deliver in a certain way
  • Employees feel connected with each other and the employer
  • Solutions reflect the thought process; the “WHY”

Not everyone has the guts to base a company on a thought – the “WHY”. Its easier to focus on the how and what. The “WHY” seems so difficult to arrive at but Employees and Clients associate with that “WHY” and trust themselves with you. We, at Adeptus, have built a software architecture consulting company and know the reason we do it – because we love why the software solutions need to be architected and designed in certain ways. We also ask our vendor partners to be simple, straight forward and transparent yet elegant and truthful. Let’s not make things more complex then they need to be.

Apple does it, so does Estee’ Lauder and Google and Highfive, and so many more. Ask Simon Sinek or Ben Horowitz and they have been saying this all along. These companies all have achieved success because the thought is clear in their philosophy and strategies. Its always the best performing solution that is right – best looking (may be on paper) comes after. There is a lot of plumbing that goes into creating a solution and developing is the last mile.

Understanding “WHY’ a client needs a solution is paramount, “WHY” that solution design is affected by that reason is paramount, “WHY” you are best suited to understand the need and provide a solution is important. Its “WHY” all around. Seems like rest everything depends on these “WHY”. The “WHY” is the most basic calling one has. Its the reason one feels the purpose behind the activities on an everyday basis and over the long term.

Just my thoughts? You know they are yours too.

Execution is the next in list and that’s a writing I am going to attempt at another time.



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